Mentha longifolia

Full NameMentha longifolia
Common Namehorsemint
AbbreviationM. longifolia


Perennial plant with wide-spreading rhizomes.  

Native to Europe, Asia (western/central), and Africa (northern/southern, but not tropical).

Exists as many diverse chemotypes, some of which have a peppermint-like aroma, but none are grown commercially.

Maternal parent of spearmint (Mentha spicata) (paternal parent of spearmint is applemint (Mentha suaveolens)) and "grandparent" to peppermint (Mentha x piperita) (peppermint is a sterile hybrid generated from a cross of spearmint and watermint.



2n=2x=24 (diploid).
2n=4x=48 (tetraploid).

Oil characteristics

Variable (see table below).


Characteristics that make horsemint a good candidate for a model Mentha species are the relatively small genome (400-500 Mb) of its diploid accessions, its ability to self fertilize, and the existence of accessions resistant to Verticillium-wilt disease.

Accession Location Status 2n Vert. Res. Oil Composition (Main Constituents)
CMEN585 South Africa Unknown 24 R 33% (+)-pulegone; 24% (-)-menthone; 11% 1,8-cineole
CMEN501 Afghanistan Cultivated 48 R 30% (+)-pulegone; 25% (-)-menthone; 11% menthol
CMEN81 U.S. Hybrid -- R 39% (-)menthone; 23% (+)-isomenthone; 8% 1,8-cineole
CMEN17 Europe Breeding 24 R 43% trans-piperitone oxide; 20% cis-piperitone oxide
CMEN635 Nepal Wild 24 R 46% cis-piperitone oxide; 27% piperitenone oxide
CMEN34 India Wild -- S 15% piperitenone oxide; 7% (-)-limonene
CMEN682 Russia Cultivated -- S 57% (-)-menthol; 15% (-)-menthone
CMEN516 Italy Cultivated -- S 22% germacrene D; 19% trans-piperitone oxide
CMEN584 South Africa Unknown 24 S 60% (-)-carvone; 12% (-)-limonene
CMEN18 Netherlands Wild 24 I 56% trans-piperitone oxide; 7% cis-piperitone oxide
CMEN20 Syria Wild 24 R 14% (+)-pulegone; 12% nonanal;
CMEN500 Afghanistan Wild 48 R 35% (+)-pulegone; 17% (-)-menthone; 14% sabinene
CMEN592 Uzbekistan Wild 24 S 22% (E)-beta-farnesene; 16% (-)-limonene


B.M. Lawrence (Ed.) (2006) Mint - The Genus Mentha, CRC Press.

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