Downloads and Links

File Description
Database flat files

All of the compound data and spectra from this website, condensed into a convenient set of tab separated text files.

Complete Spectra

Varian FID, JCAMP-DX, and nmrML files for NMR spectra of Taxol, 2-deacetyl baccatin IV, Baccatin III, N-Acetyl-N-debenzoyltaxol, 13-Acetyl-9-dihydrobaccatin III, baccatin IV, Taxol D, Taxol B, and Taxol C.

Source code

A link to the source code for this very website. The website was built using Python 3.3 and Django 1.6, with a few additional dependencies.

LC-MS data

Coming soon! LC retention times and MS and MS2 spectra for a selected subset of taxanes.